How to write plug-ins??

How to write plug-ins??

Post by Kelvi » Thu, 13 Nov 2003 15:20:02

To all,

I've got another question. Does anybody know how to write
plug-ins using VC++??

Actually, my friends and I will develop a Photo enhancing
system, and so we'll need some technique to allow
additional packages/plugins to attach the system. (maybe
need to integrate commercial plugins such as KPT6--

Then we will need to know exactly the theory behind, the
architecture for the plugin side or the system side.

Thanks a million!

From Kusanagihk

How to write plug-ins??

Post by Hendrik Sc » Thu, 13 Nov 2003 20:34:36

What you could do is designing a DLL interface.
Plugins are DLLs which implement that interface.
At run-time you look for plugins at a specific
location, try to load them, and try to find the
functions of your interface. If they're there,
call them to initiate the handshake necessary
for your application and the plugin to work


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How to write plug-ins??

Post by Joe Willma » Sun, 23 Nov 2003 07:54:52

Lets say you want to develop an application that uses plug ins. And you
want your application to be able to use third party plugins that already
exist. Like Adobe PhotoShop Pro. You can get Adobe's SDK that provides
all of the information needed to develop plug ins for their app. Then
take that SDK and write an appliaction that accepts plugins that
conform. You then have an application that will accept Adobe plugins.
You also get a line of lawyers at your door to sue you.

It seems that the liscence for Adobe SDK states that its only use is to
develop plugins for Adobe. This would tend to restrict things. So it
might be best to go out and get a plugin then using standard
tools/de *** s take apart the plug in and figure out how it works on
your own. Then you would not be in violation of the license agreement.

Of course I am not a lawyer so what I say has no standing. Please see a
real lawyer.