Psion 5mx Restore & Psion Money?

Psion 5mx Restore & Psion Money?

Post by news » Tue, 06 Jan 2004 04:13:21

My Psion 5mx has recently started switching off as soon as I switch it
on unless it is plugged into the mains (yet says the main batteries
are fully charged?)

Luckily I obtained a second hand 5mx over a year ago which has been
sat, unloved in the bottom of a cupboard just for this very situation.

Problem is after doing a Restore the Psion Money application refuses
to work telling me to install from the Installation CDROM and guess
what I can't find...

Anyone have any suggestions of how I can get Money working please? I
did buy the software when I bought my first 5mx, honest, I just can't
find the installation CD (probably up in the attic where everything
else winds up).


Psion 5mx Restore & Psion Money?

Post by Mike McCon » Tue, 06 Jan 2004 04:55:27

Email me privately (from my website) and I may be able to help.

Mike [Dundee, Scotland]