Wallpaper Corrupted!!!

Wallpaper Corrupted!!!

Post by c21hdGhld » Fri, 01 Feb 2008 21:00:01

My wallpaper was over-written by some sort of link to download spyware
protection. Now I can't change my wallpaper back to anything other than a
plain white screen. Can anyone help??

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I am recently experiencing an annoying problem: I cannot change the wallpaper
I tried all I can think of, but the dialog box is stuck and I cannot browse.
Even if I switch to another theme the problem persisits. Active desktop is
not set and the web desktop option it is not locked. It looks as if the image
file was deleted or is corrupt. I also cannot open a pic, right click on it
and set it as wallpaper. It is STUCK!
A simple blue background is always present, but when I turn off the computer
I can see the original wallpaper for a sec. It looks as burried under this
blue background.
I use Win XP Home edition, Pac2, on Dell Dimension 4500, with 512 MB RAM.

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