Autocorrect in VJ# 2005

Autocorrect in VJ# 2005

Post by Hrvoje Vrb » Tue, 12 Apr 2005 02:32:33

Hi all!

Does the Beta versions with VJ# 2005 (Express especially) contain

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Autocorrect in VJ# 2005

Post by Lars-Inge » Mon, 18 Apr 2005 08:48:59

What is "AutoCorrect" ? What does it do?

Lars-Inge Tnessen


Autocorrect in VJ# 2005

Post by George Bir » Fri, 29 Apr 2005 00:24:25

>> Does the Beta versions with VJ# 2005 (Express

I don't think it does

for example suppose you mispell something while you write, it can fix it or
at least suggest a fix (say in some style like the smart tags in office or
by having suggestions when right clicking on an underlined symbol name)

in UNIX shell you could have similar feature years ago, when you wrote a
wrong command it would suggest among possible names for the command that you
could choose and it would use the one you chose and run the command

the idea is that the correct-name for the symbols is already available due
to IntelliSense and the compilation that is done in the background all the
time after you type some word (or maybe at some time interval if source has
changed). So it could compare the wrong word with the available symbols for
that code context and see if it's close you suggest the closest alternatives
sorted with some proximity-factor ranking (that's tricky but since symbols
are usually latin and English you can use phonetic English rules or "Latin"
phonetic rules to do such matches)

also it needs to be able to fix apart from symbol names, core syntax parts,
e.g. names like "for", "if", "else" etc. and maybe even be clever enough to

if x>0 then y=5; else z=10;


if (x>0) {y=5;} else {z=10;}

or maybe that's too much to hope?

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