Creating installation Packages for J# 1.1

Creating installation Packages for J# 1.1

Post by John » Wed, 12 Nov 2003 03:01:10

I have created an installer program using Visual Studio
for an application written in J#. I have the .Net
Framework 1.1 and the J# Redistributable version 1.1
installed on the computer.

When I try to run the installer on a PC running the J#
Redistributable 1.1 that never had verson 1.0 installed,
I get the following message from the installer:

Setup had detected an incompatible or missing
installation of Visual J# .Net .....
The program you are trying to install requires
Redistributable Package v1.0.4205
ASP.Net applications created on the same computer work
fine. I think this is a bug in the installer. Do any of
you know a work around?

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2. Post-FBA installation of .NET 1.1, .NET 1.1 SP1, and .NET2.0

Hello everyone,

As we transition our applications over to .NET 2.0, we would like to
bridge the transition by initially shipping an image with .NET 1.1 SP1
and .NET 2.0. Later on when all of our apps are fully .NET 2.0
compliant we would like to be able to "Uninstall" .NET 1.1 and only
have .NET 2.0.

So my questions are:

1. To get the uninstall capability, do I need to install during FBA
rather than as a component?
2. Is there a component for .NET 1.1 SP1 that installs it during FBA,
similar to the one for .NET 2.0 that is posted here:
3. Do I need to install three packages: MS.NET 1.1, then MS.NET 1.1
SP1, then MS.NET 2.0?
4. In the component listed above, why is phase 8300 used? Is there
magic about that one, or can I space the installations out at 8300,
8301, 8302?

Thanks in advance,

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