the java jsharp j++ thing

the java jsharp j++ thing

Post by Tom Leyla » Fri, 16 Jan 2004 04:48:30

I'm so confused... :-)

Perhaps somebody would point me in the right direction. I was planning to
write a simple applet to display database records. It's a large database
(in terms of number of rows) but it isn't complex. It only has a couple of
tables and the data is read-only. I program for a living, I'm familiar with
.Net and some time ago I wrote some Java applets so I thought rather than
use ASP or ASP.Net I thought I would create an applet.

Due to limitations on the website I have available I won't have SQL-Server.
I can easily configure it (the site) to use MS-Access but if there is an
alternative I'd like to hear about it. I might have MySQL available I'm
going to check.

If I write this thing in J# will the majority of people be able to run it?
People using IE only? Do they have to download/install the .Net runtime?
Would it run in Netscape or another browser? Am I doing the right thing :-)

I can't quite figure out where J# fits into things. The application code
will download from a website right? No direct installation required, etc.,
etc.? Is it generally operating like Java?


the java jsharp j++ thing

Post by Ken Larso » Fri, 16 Jan 2004 05:38:27

In either case, the users may have to download software:
J# browser control:
- .net framework
- j# redistributable
- j# broswer control (not sure if this includes j# redistributable
As far as I know such an applet will only work in IE on Windows, I could
be wrong.

- Java runtime from sun (because MS won't/cannot distribute it anymore)
This will work on most any platform and most any browser.

In my opinion, J# is targeted at those who would like to migrate Java to
.net, but I think they are more thinking of back-end J2EE stuff. There
is no real evidence to me that J# is being really pushed as an applet
technology (although it is theoretically possible to make an applet in J#).

I think if you are looking for the least pain for your users, I would
say Java for an applet. The absolute least pain for users is not to use
an applet at all, but have the web server do all the work. Sounds like
you may not need an actual applet for what you are trying to do.

This may all change in a few years if all windows machines ship
pre-installed with .net. But until then, asking your users to install
.net is no more polite than asking them to install java.


the java jsharp j++ thing

Post by Ike » Fri, 16 Jan 2004 05:57:13

My suggestion is to do this server side (ASP/JSP/PHP....I recommend the
last, php as it seems to be the most platform-independent). -Ike


the java jsharp j++ thing

Post by Tom Leyla » Fri, 16 Jan 2004 06:37:52

"Ken Larson" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > wrote...

Thanks for the information... and your thoughts.

What I like about the applet is that I get a complete little application not
some series of webpages. I get my real-time stock information in a java
applet and I don't see any advantage to that being done in a web page. I
agree that there isn't anything compelling about the service that requires a
Java applet but that (as always) is "for now." No doubt that (upon it
working well) the requirements and level of sophistication needed will

I don't know how it is these days, Java got loaded so long ago but as I
recall installing the Java runtime was fairly quick and painless. The
difference is of course that asking them to load .Net if they aren't running
Windows is problematic :-)

Thanks again,

the java jsharp j++ thing

Post by Tom Leyla » Fri, 16 Jan 2004 06:39:50

"Ike" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > wrote...

Appreciate the response Ike. If I end up doing it in ASP it will be either
ASP or ASP.Net. I don't need platform independence on the server, it's
going to run on a Windows server I know that for a fact.


the java jsharp j++ thing

Post by Lars-Inge » Fri, 16 Jan 2004 07:25:55


the java jsharp j++ thing

Post by Lars-Inge » Fri, 16 Jan 2004 08:04:01

Please use ASP.Net on a Win2003 Server.

- ASP.Net automatically detects and recovers from deadlocks and other
- Compiled execution and cached in memory (ASP is interpreted on each
- Fast access to databases (caching from memory).
- Crash protection.
- Very easy to program, you don't have to learn any new language.
- Automatic object persistence
- Take full advantage of the IIS 6.0 (like cookies or no cookies, security,
- Easy to integrate with Web Services (your own or like Google and Amazon).
- Easy to deploy on a 64 bit hardware server if you have to later.
- Scalability/Clustering
- More secure than ASP
- Resource accounting
- Isolate web applications in individual processes to eg communicate with
the OS kernel directly.
- Pooling

ASP.Net can give you over 4 times the throughput* than ASP can do on a 8 CPU


Lars-Inge Tonnessen

the java jsharp j++ thing

Post by Tom Leyla » Fri, 16 Jan 2004 09:00:56

"Lars-Inge Tnessen" < > wrote...

Mange tak din hjaelp (kan du forsta Danske) :-)

In any case... interesting video. I immediately downloaded the browser
control and attempted two conversions. One worked the other didn't. The
one that worked is very simple not unlike the demo. The one that didn't has
a pop-up controller window in addition to the applet window. I don't know
if that didn't translate well but all I got was an outline of the area where
the applet would appear but it never displays.

I might go for ASP.Net, designing nice screens in HTML is always a chore for
me though.