WTB: IRIX 5.3 for IRIS Indigo R4400

WTB: IRIX 5.3 for IRIS Indigo R4400

Post by Thomas W » Tue, 15 Aug 2006 21:42:56

Hello to all,

i am searching for a IRIX 5.3 CD.

I want to run it on my IRIS Indigo (R4400 CPU, Real Time Video Board

Best regards


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I already searched the archives and did not come up with anything
like this and the FAQs did not seem to help either. So, anyway, I
finish up my 5.3 install and I get the following errors:

hostname: Not found
/usr/etc/syslogd: Not found

and they repeat a bit. Eventually, the system boots but hangs at
the main login screen. What gives?


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