FA: IBM?36Gb Ultrastar 36XP SCSI LDV 68Pin Hard Disk

FA: IBM?36Gb Ultrastar 36XP SCSI LDV 68Pin Hard Disk

Post by Justin Bak » Mon, 08 Mar 2004 04:24:24


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36 GIG ultrastar set to hd-o on scsi will format install first files on drive when reboot comer around the computer says missing operating system. I spant 3 days going to store calling friend and reinstall all ways posible. Was told to use windows 98 fdisk to set active partition. Did this, no luck. Seem to be MBR and some trouble with bios or boot area reading adaptor of drive. Had to buy IDE 160 gig to run computer for now XP installed and works. I would like to resolve this problem with scsi since I have been in the computer syndrome from 1984. Computer is 1gig ram 1 gig speed INTEL processor. I see many scsi request on this board having trouble. I cannot use a patch since I cannot get running.

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