6,5 糖?Crystal for ZX 81/TS1x0 0

6,5 糖?Crystal for ZX 81/TS1x0 0

Post by Peter Lieb » Sun, 17 Jul 2005 04:17:56

Hi, no problem this:

I have replaced the filter with a 6,55 MHz crystal and had to remove R4.
But may be this will not necessary any time.


1. 6,5 糖?Crystal for ZX 81/TS1x00

2. P lister, ZX-81 image generator and ZX-81 True Type font

Hi All,

I'm slowly resurrecting my website from the Geocities grave. I've
already put some free ZX-81 utilities there:

o AGEPLIST and WMAPLIST: List programs in P files. Many options to
configure the output.
o ZX81TEXT: Read characters from stdin and creates a bitmap image
using the ZX-81 character set. Great to generate faithful P listings
o ZX-81 True Type font: With only and all ZX-81 characters and proper
line height so characters in consecutive lines touch each other. Can
be used with AGEPLIST and WMAPLIST to insert ZX-81 listings in word
processor documents as text instead of images.


Comments more than welcome.



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