SN#10955 "Refactoring Workbook": A Building Block Approach to Learning Refactoring

SN#10955 "Refactoring Workbook": A Building Block Approach to Learning Refactoring

Post by John J. Mc » Sun, 21 Sep 2003 06:44:24

Vol 67 Issue 2 2003-09-08 Article 10955 from section "Publications"

Helps Programmers with the Difficult Concept of Identifying "Smells"

William C. Wake's "Refactoring Workbook" is geared toward helping
programmers master the difficult skill of refining problematic code.
Basic to the operation of refactoring is the ability to keep programs in
a working state throughout the software cycle even as they are being

Most programmers have difficulty with identifying the "smells" or
potential problem areas in the code they write. Wake uses a workbook
approach early in the book to teaching this skill, having the reader
solve a series of carefully designed problems that illustrate the
"smells" concept, which the reader must then apply during the reading of
the rest of the text.

This book is intended for programmers with a knowledge of Java[TM]
programming language, though a C# or C++ programmer with a basic
understanding of Java technology would also be able to follow and learn
from the examples. It can be used as a companion to Martin Fowler's
"Refactoring" (also from Addison-Wesley Professional), which provides
step-by-step instructions for many refactorings.

Details at #10955

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