SN#18601 New FOSS Open Hardware Documentation Wiki

SN#18601 New FOSS Open Hardware Documentation Wiki

Post by John J. Mc » Thu, 20 Sep 2007 02:55:04

Vol 115 Issue 2 2007-09-10 Article 18601 from section "Free and Open Source Software"

Older Chipset Docs Available -- Collaboration Requested

Documentation for chipsets is being added to a new Sun wiki site. The
Sun Microelectronics division has been adding older documentation so
members of the OpenBSD and FreeBSD communities can include support
for features. The site is the FOSS Open Hardware Documentation page.

Details at

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1. New MSDN WDK Documentation Wiki

2. [News] New Wiki Oragnises the Open Source Universe; New GIMP Released

Announcing, The First Wiki-Based Guide to Commercial, Open
Source and Hosted Software

,----[ Quote ]
| Larry Augustin, founder of VA Software, parent company of open
| source repository site, and Brian Roberts, former
| Corporate Vice President of Corporate Development at Microsoft,
| ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
| have joined to support as advisory board members
| and investors.

There's another similar such site, which was set up by ex-Softies as well.
Scary stuff. Like Port 25 -- disinformation 'snipers'.

Also today:

GIMP 2.2.14 Released - The GNU Image Manipulation Program Version 2.2

,----[ Quote ]
| Version 2.2.14 of the GNU Image Manipulation Program is a bug-fix release
| in the stable 2.2 series. Please see the NEWS file for a detailed list
| of changes. The source code is available from Binary
| packages for the various supported platforms should become available
| soon.

3. [News] Sun Pushes for FOSS in the Philippines, New FOSS Bill Possible

4. [News] New Zealand Marks FOSS Event, FOSS Advocacy Reaches Ghana

5. SN#23280 Architecture and Performance Documentation Released on New Sun Fire x86 Clustered Systems

6. Writing driver for new ATAPI hardware - Need Documentation!!

7. [News] New Open Source Alliance Formed, Scalix Dounder Defends FOSS

8. SN#14041 New Hardware Spare Parts

9. SN#14900 New and Repriced Hardware Spare Parts

10. SN#17043 Sun Announces New and Repriced Hardware Spare Parts

11. SN#18043 New Hardware Supported in Sun N1[TM] System Manager 1.3.3 Release

12. SN#22132 Oracle Database on Sun CMT Hardware Sets New SAP Two-Tier SD Record

13. SN#13868 New and Repriced Sun Hardware Spare Parts

14. SN#14557 New Sun Hardware Spare Parts Released