SN#18722 TZupdater Keeps Java Runtime Environment On Time

SN#18722 TZupdater Keeps Java Runtime Environment On Time

Post by John J. Mc » Tue, 23 Oct 2007 02:53:33

Vol 116 Issue 3 2007-10-15 Article 18722 from section "Java Technology"

How to Make Sure Your Java-based Apps Know the Hour of the Day

When governmental bodies decided on Daylight Saving Time (DST), they
didn't have JRE in mind. However, it is important to keep JRE updated
with the latest DST rules to ensure that Java technology-based
applications always know the exact time in a given location.

Details at

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1. java/113248: Port: java/diablo-jdk15 tzupdater-1.1.0 no longer

2. java/113248: Port: java/eclipse tzupdater-1.1.0 no longer available

FreeBSD spartacus.homelan 6.1-RELEASE FreeBSD 6.1-RELEASE #0: Sun Dec 24 15:16:11 CET 2006 paolo@hybris:/usr/obj/usr/src/sys/HYBRIS i386

There is no more tzupdater-1.1.0.* on Sun Site, so that port java/eclipse fails to install
cd /usr/ports/java/eclipse ;make install

Change the name of the required file (and any checks on it) to:
that is the only now available for download

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