SN#11193 What's New on the Web Page

SN#11193 What's New on the Web Page

Post by John J. Mc » Thu, 16 Oct 2003 12:59:09

Vol 68 Issue 2 2003-10-06 Article 11193 from section "Java Technology"

Join the Community

The Web site is the realization of a vision of a diverse group
of engineers, researchers, technologists and evangelists at Sun
Microsystems to provide a common area for interesting conversations and
innovative development projects related to Java[TM] technology. The
community continues to grow with industry associations, software
vendors, universities and individual developers and hobbyists joining
every day. Join in the community to share ideas and use the site's
collaboration tools. The communities formed will uncover synergies and
create new solutions that render Java technology even more valuable.

There are many different ways that individuals, companies, universities,
existing communities and other organizations can become involved in Join a mailing list, contribute a wiki, participate in a forum
or view and comment on Weblogs. See the site to learn more.

Currently there is a letter to the editor (Daniel H. Steinberg) posted
on the site with suggestions for improving and growing the
site. Take a look and join in the conversation.

Some recent news headlines on the site include:

- Java Community Process[SM] Licensees Preview the Java[TM] 2
Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE[TM]) 1.4

- IBM Updates "Documentation Enhancer"

- JXP 1.3.1 -- XPath API

- Small Business Spends $420B on IT

Check back with the site regularly to see it grow and to help
it grow. Feedback is encouraged.

Details at #11193

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