SN#11505 Desktops and Laptops Protected with VERITAS Desktop and Laptop Option

SN#11505 Desktops and Laptops Protected with VERITAS Desktop and Laptop Option

Post by John J. Mc » Tue, 18 Nov 2003 23:19:36

Vol 69 Issue 2 2003-11-10 Article 11505 from section "VERITAS"

With its new product, the VERITAS Desktop and Laptop Option, VERITAS
Software Corporation has extended its protective software umbrella to
offer transparent protection of mission-critical corporate data that
resides on the millions of laptops and desktops in small-to-medium size
businesses and large enterprises. In addition, the VERITAS Desktop and
Laptop Option allows users to automatically synchronize data among
multiple machines with a single click.

First previewed earlier this year as Project Shadow, the new technology,
the VERITAS Desktop and Laptop Option, is scheduled to be released to
market by the end of 2003 as an option to VERITAS Backup Exec software
and VERITAS NetBackup software. Together, VERITAS Backup Exec for
Windows Servers and VERITAS NetBackup command 48.3 percent of the
Windows and UNIX[R] backup and recovery market, according to industry
analyst firm Gartner.

The VERITAS Desktop and Laptop Option presents customers with a new,
simple way to protect critical data that resides on machines outside of
the central data center -- without requiring any new hardware, network
resources or backup procedures. Key customer benefits include:

- Continuous, transparent disk-based protection of data on laptops
independent of location
- Data protection across multiple machines with one-click file
synchronization between machines, including multiple desktops and
laptops operated by the same user
- Data protection without additional administration

Mark Bregman, executive vice president of product operations, VERITAS
Software, said that their customers have told them they want to automate
laptop and desktop backup with their existing policies so end-users
don't have to remember to back up their systems to ensure that critical
data is protected: "The VERITAS Desktop and Laptop Option helps reduce
the risk of leaving that critical data unprotected by offering
streamlined integration from within our industry-leading backup and
recovery software, and limiting the need for costly end-user interaction
with IT to protect and recover data on corporate laptops and desktops."

Details at #11505

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