SN#23517 New Sun Ray 3 Client and Sun Ray 3i Client

SN#23517 New Sun Ray 3 Client and Sun Ray 3i Client

Post by John J. Mc » Tue, 28 Sep 2010 04:00:12

Vol 151 Issue 4 2010-09-23 Article 23517 from section "Workstations"

Improved Security, Less Management, Lower Energy Costs

Oracle has added two new thin client devices to its desktop
virtualization portfolio, the Sun Ray 3 Client and the Sun Ray 3i
Client, both of which provide customers with a desktop computing
solution designed to increase security, improve employee access, and
reduce the maintenance, upgrade, and operational costs associated
with traditional desktop environments, according to Oracle's product
release announcement.

Details at

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Can anyone help with this question.

I have a Sun Ray server with about a dozen Sun Ray 150's attached.
I'm trying to boot the Sun Rays on the Sun Ray server, but instead of the
default CDE login/session, I want the Sun Rays to open a KDE login session
from A Linux server.

I can use the Chooser button to select another Xserver, but I want it to
default to the Linux servers Xserver for a KDE session.

does anyone know how I might go about this? or anyother methods I might try.
I need to use the Sun Ray 150's though.

Regards to all

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