SN#23578 Sun Ray 3 and Sun Ray 3i Announcements

SN#23578 Sun Ray 3 and Sun Ray 3i Announcements

Post by John J. Mc » Mon, 01 Nov 2010 22:24:16

Vol 152 Issue 4 2010-10-30 Article 23578 from section "Workstations"

More Features, Functionality; Same Price Point

Here's a deal for you: Oracle's new Sun Ray 3 and 3i offer new and
improved features and functionality and come at the same price as the
Sun Ray 2 and Sun Ray 270. How often does that happen? Edward Moffat
blogs that the 3i ... gives you more screen, [and] better power
consumption control with the auto-sleep functionality.

Details at

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For a course I need a graphic. Teacher wants relavent details of this
exercise in graphic form. There would be a circle in the center of the
paper. Each piece of info would be an underlined sentence that angles into
the circle. It would look like the sun with rays coming out only each "ray"
is an underlined sentence giving information about the question. Doesn't
have to be fancy, but this basic setup is critical. Teacher uses a MAC. Can
this be done in Word 2003 or other MSFT product?? If not, do you know a
windows based program that would do this?

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