TRS-80 Model II Emulator? / 200,000 Model I's?

TRS-80 Model II Emulator? / 200,000 Model I's?

Post by David Davi » Tue, 24 May 2005 07:24:41


Since the model 4 is emulated with CP/M supported and since the Model
II was sold in smaller numbers (niche machine) is there any benefit for
doing a Model II emulator?

At one time I think portions of source code for Kim Watt's Model 2/16
DOSPLUS II OS were on Ira's site.

Business people might be less nostalgic in wanting to review 8"
diskettes of a 1982 inventory and docs describing the sale of 100
widgets. Nonetheless, if anyone out there has the talent and interest
in doing a M2/16 emulator I'd love to hear about it.

I'm no programmer but I would be interested in trying to gather some
documentation if it's needed to create a working emulator.

Recently I made contact with the 2nd author of DOSPLUS II, Steve
Pagliarulo, and am interested in seeing if he has kept any of his
original source, etc.

Please drop a shout-out if you are interested in doing a Model 2 emu
but for lack of docs are holding back...


p.s. I read the 1983 interview with Bill Gates in 80-US Journal where
he says there are about 200,000 Model I's. This was at a time when the
Model III had already been introduced. It would be interesting to see
if any other mfr qty stats can be guestimated at.

TRS-80 Model II Emulator? / 200,000 Model I's?

Post by Jay Maynar » Tue, 24 May 2005 07:56:31

The Model II should be fairly simple to emulate, given the existence of
other Z-80 emulators. There's no magic to the hardware; the disk controller
is a straightforward one to emulate, and may be able to be lifted from other
emulators. The display is simple, as well, and there's not much else to the

I've considered adapting the SIMH Altair/Z-80 emulator to do Model II, but
haven't gotten sufficient round tuits.