LIBC.LIB file wanted

LIBC.LIB file wanted

Post by Kevi » Sun, 06 Jul 2003 17:34:43


I am trying to resurrect my copy of an INMOS 'C' compiler, that actually
ran native on the Transputer (B004) plug-in card.

That is: the HOST PC delivered the 'ICC.BTL' executable to the
Transputer, via ISERVER.EXE, which compiled any 'C' source files given
to it. Next "ILINK.BTL" is given to the Transputer and so on until the
program has been compiled to a ".BTL" or ".BTR" executable.

I understand this compiler version was the first 'C' compiler from INMOS
after OCCAM . I saw two versions of it: (1) version to run native on a
SUN box, and (2) run native on the B004 Transputer card.

I have my copy running nicely on the B004, however I discovered that the
library file "LIBC.LIB" has been corrupted. "LIBCRD.LIB" on the other
hand, works fine. So I could build for ROM'ed Transputer systems. But
that means the compiler tools set is broken for Link hosted programs.

So, I was hoping that someone reading this may be able to help. All I
want is an uncorrupted version of "LIBC.LIB" belonging to the INMOS 'C'
compiler marked: "INMOS C compiler version 2.01.10 (Built at 01:08:56
Jun 25 1991)"

Any help or points would be very much appreciated.

Kevin Bertram (mailto: XXXX@XXXXX.COM )