Meiko CS-1 / i860 software.

Meiko CS-1 / i860 software.

Post by Andrew Bac » Thu, 23 Mar 2006 08:24:57


I have two nodes of a Computing Surface, one cabinet is serial number 048
and contains 4 x quad compute cards, an 8MB DRAM board, graphics card and
'self-host' card (ROM monitor?). The other is much later, serial # > 1000,
and contains a board with 2 x i860 and a what appears to be a Sparcstation
1+ host board.

Does anyone have or know where I can obtain Meiko software? In particular
I'd really like the software for Solaris 1.x that drives the transputer
links on the Sparc host board, CS Tools and any libraries for the i860 and
graphics. For that matter anything Meiko for the CS-1, be it software,
cards, cables etc.

Also have a Meiko PC ISA link adapter card, but again no software.



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I have had a couple of responses from people asking that I forward any
information I might find about i860 products. The idea of putting up a
website like Ram's Tranpsuter website for the i860.

I was wondering what the level of interest was. Also, if anybody has
anything to contribute - old manuals, software or systems available, I
would do the chasing down to get approval to make them available
through the web.


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