Schematics For Standalone T425 or T800?

Schematics For Standalone T425 or T800?

Post by Mark Boot » Sat, 28 Jun 2003 22:01:33

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Jun 2003, Dave < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > writes

Yup, basically it just starts sending bytes down the link whenever a
reset occurs. Since the reset will occur simultaneously for both the
SMT222 and the transputer it is connected, the transputer will always be
ready to accept the boot stream.

When the end of the btl is transferred the transputer stops accepting
more bytes and the SMT222 is blocked, waiting fir the next reset.

Very simple, very elegant.

Take care,

Mark Booth

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2. state-of-the-art schematic generation? [Was: SCHEMATICS ... ]

A trip to the DAC website and look at the software vendors of EDA
component parts that Synopsys, Synplicity, and others buy from. There
was/is a company in Germany that made these netlist => schematics last
time I went and I chatted with the developer about precisely these
concerns in this thread. He was surprised at my comments, they only
seem to talk with their immediate customer and not final end users so
don't get real feedback. He asked me for examples of bad schematics
that could be drawn better and what the heuristics might be, but I
never took him up on it.

John Jakson

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