CFP extended deadline: The 2005 International Conference on Communications in Computing (CIC 2005)

CFP extended deadline: The 2005 International Conference on Communications in Computing (CIC 2005)

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xtended Deadline: March 10, 2005
See for details

The 2005 International Conference on Communications in Computing (CIC
June 27 - 30, 2005
Monte Carlo Resort, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Extended Call for Papers

Important Dates
March 10, 2005: Draft papers due
March 31, 2005: Accept Notification
April 20, 2005: Camera-Ready papers due

The International Conference on Communications in Computing
(CIC) focuses on the communication requirements directly induced
or required by computations. An essential element of high
performance computing is the trade-off in the amount of
computation versus the amount of communication performed.
Certain applications are inherently communication-intensive. In
others, communication steps may be replaceable with local
computations and vice versa. This conference provides a venue for
scholarly publication that explores issues relating to the combined
effects of communications and computations in the context of
modern computing systems. CIC is part of the International
Multiconference in Computer Science and Computer Engineering.
Following the recent broadening of the field of parallel and
distributed computing, CIC covers all current research endeavors in
this field. Submissions are also encouraged from researchers in other
areas of computing and from related areas in physics, computer
engineering or other areas of study whose work supports the focus
of this conference.

Suggested Topics
* Communication Aspects of Parallel & Distributed Algorithms
* Communications in High Performance Computing
* Distributed Systems and Advanced Applications (e.g. multimedia,
cooperative systems)
* Grid, Peer-to-Peer Computing and Cluster-based Computing
* Interconnection Networks (e.g. bus-based, optical)
* Networks (e.g. management, traffic analysis)
* Communication Protocols (e.g. ATM, wireless)
* Scalable and Interoperable Systems and Associated Standards
* Performance Issues (e.g. benchmarks, measurement, evaluation)
* Architecture (e.g. VLSI, SIMD, ,vector, reconfigurable)
* Software Systems (e.g. operating system support, middleware, tools)
* Visualization (e.g. debugging and load balancing tools)
* Communications in Neural Computing, Genetic Algorithms
* Communications in New Computing Paradigms (e.g. optical-, nano-,
* Modeling and Simulation of High Performance Systems
* Advanced Compilation Techniques (e.g. parallelizing compilers)
* Programming Languages for Parallel and other High Performance
Computing Environments
* Reliability and Fault Tolerance
* Embedded and Real Time Systems
* Digital Signal Processing
* Internet & Web-based Processing, E-commerce, Telecommunication

Prospective authors are invited to submit a draft paper of no more
than 7 pages (IEEE style, preferably two-columns, 11 or 12pt font
size, Times-roman or similar) to XXXX@XXXXX.COM by the due date.
Email submissions in PDF format are preferable (MS Word
documents can also be accepted). Papers must not have been
previously published or currently submitted for publication
elsewhere. The first page of the paper should include: paper title;
name, affiliation, postal address, email address, telephone and fax
number of each author and a maximum of five keywords. Also
include in the submission the name of the author who will be
presenting the paper (if accepted).

Papers will be evaluated