Page/Document Interleaved Images

Page/Document Interleaved Images

Post by fland00 » Sat, 03 Apr 2004 08:31:40


Thanks for the information. Your assumptions as to our setup are

Basically, we're involved in an evaluation process of several
different vendor offerings of variable imaging software in support of
our print & mail business. One of the criteria we are evaluating
against is the software solution's ability to support the kind of
dynamic image jobs that I described below. All of the offerings appear
to support this /generally/, but I want to make sure that they support
it in their metacode output modules in such a way that we won't have
to pre-load a bunch of images. So, now I know that it is feasible to
do in a metacode environment, and so if they can't do it in the manner
you've described, I can take that into consideration.

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Page/Document Interleaved Images

Post by Grandes Or » Wed, 14 Apr 2004 12:28:35

Inserting images in the Metacode datastream is indeed something some
customers do (per example to insert random signatures or logos on a check).
The point you have to keep in mind is that the DEC-based LPS controler has a
limited input capacity, based on the number of records per seconds (in part
due to the S/370 Bus&Tag channel adapter).
This means that if the "density" of image records is to high per page, you
have a risk that the printer shows "output cought up input" (I don't know
the actual English message). The risk would obviously be higher on a 135PPM
4635 rather than on a 92PPM 4890.
I am sure that Compuset is a software able to allow you to send "inline"
images, but for a rather important financial investment if you don't have it
Else, as far as I remember, softwares such as PReS (from Australia's
PrintSoft) also does.