Use detailed data in one worksheet to create summary data as chart source

Use detailed data in one worksheet to create summary data as chart source

Post by rdemya » Wed, 24 Jan 2007 23:18:36

I need to export data from MS Access to Excel in order to create a
chart. I can get the data into an Excel worksheet. However, this data
needs to be summarized on a second worksheet. That summarized data
then would be the source for a chart.

My general thinking is to create an Excel template. The template would
have the code necessary so that when a user exports data from Access to
Excel, the following happens:

1) The 'Detail' worksheet in an instance of the template is populated
with the Access data. This would occur via coding in my Access
application. I already have this working.
2) Code in the Excel template instance would then summarize this
'Detail' worksheet data in the 'Summary' worksheet.
3) The 'Summary' worksheet would be already linked to a chart in the
template and, hopefully, would simply update and present the results to
the user.

Users want to be able to change one or more cells in the 'Detail' sheet
and have the changes reflected through to the chart. The reason for
needing to summarize the 'Detail' data is that a direct plot of that
'Detail' data would create a chart that is far too busy and essentially

Am I on the right track on how to do this? Unfortunately, I'm not very
familiar with coding in Excel. After some research though it seems to
me that I will need to be able to determine the range of each series on
the 'Detail' worksheet, since I don't know which or how much data the
user has exported from Access to Excel.


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good as it causes my charts to appear differently throughout the day. What
could be the cause?

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