Excel to Word : Paste special>Paste Link> Excel Chart Obj doesn't

Excel to Word : Paste special>Paste Link> Excel Chart Obj doesn't

Post by TWFrZWRvb » Thu, 14 Jan 2010 05:56:02

When I copy a chart from an Excell 2007 file and
paste it as: Paste Special > Paste link > Microsoft Office Excel Chart Object
I get a blank white picture (with gridlines in middle and a red (x) in the
top left corner). It does not show correctly. However, the link is working

after troubleshooting:

I noticed that if I paste the same chart with 2700 rows of data the chart
shows properly. But when I go above the 2700 rows of data the chart does not
display properly.

when I pasted the chart with the original 47000 rows of data it was not
diplaying properly; however, i started to delete rows, and when I got to 2700
rows, and updated the link (right click on chart and 'Update Link' in Word)
the chart updated properly.

I only have three columns of data graphed (X-Y-Y) , in case you want to know
the amount of data.

Seeing that the problem lies with too much data; Is there a work-around this
problem? Is this a known issue? is the problem with Excel or Word?
What can I do?

Thank you in advance for all of you help.

Comp Specs:
OS: Win XP pro SP3; 3GHz; 3G RAM;
Excel 2007 & Word 2007

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Are you pasting your charts into PowerPoint as Links? If so, HOW? I also
wrote a table and chart exporter from Excel to PPT, but I couldn't find a
way to PasteSpecial a chart as a link. Someone please tell me if it's

Bruce Cooley

: Hello,
: I have a VB application that I have written that generates
: charts and tables in Excel, and pastes them into
: PowerPoint. I have found that the largest performance
: bottleneck seems to be with the chart and with the table
: rendering in excel.
: Does anyone have any performance tips for automating excel?
: Thanks
: Matt

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