Factory Reconditioned KitchenAid RRKHM5APBU 7-Speed Artisan Hand Mixers, Cobalt Blue

Factory Reconditioned KitchenAid RRKHM5APBU 7-Speed Artisan Hand Mixers, Cobalt Blue

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....if you were counting on getting the attachments think again. This mixer is a great buy but it does not come with the dough hook or blender attachments. I bought two and when I realized the attachments were missing, I contacted Amazon and they sent me a third mixer. The third mixer did not have the attachments either so I sent the third mixer back. I really wanted the mixer so I kept two and asked for a price reduction which I got.
This one is a basic hand mixer that seems that it will hold up a Lot Better than the Two Cuisinart Hand mixers I previously owned. Nothing like the good old Click Click Click to adjust the speed selection of the beeters. No electronic silly soft start to fail, or clumsy thumb pushing to adjust the speed. I like the built in stand up on the counter feature on its back end, and no falling over. Could use One more Higher speed, but that may be my Opinion. Has plenty of Non Stall Power;(even on low to get going) and the extra length of the power cord is a plus. The angle of the Grip Handle, is easy to hold, and is at a perfect Angle, which does not make my hand tire easily. Cleans easily, and there are no nitches or grooves to collect dirt or food debris....All in All..A Cut & Dry machine. I classify it as "Like They Made Stuff Years Ago, Made To Last!" ...... The End!
Looks good with no signs of use and it was very cheap. It didn't come with the dough hooks. I haven't used it yet, but it does run so what else is there?
This reconditioned Kitchenaid hand mixer is a very good product. Works as good as new, is very quiet, and is much more lightweight than my old one. However, it was supposed to come with dough hooks and Amazon forgot to include them. When I contacted Amazon about it, they said they did not have any more so I would have to contact the manufacturer. I was (am) disappointed in them for this, as I don't feel that it is my responsibility. So, if you get your product and everything is incuded, as it should be, you will be very happy with the product itself!
This hand mixer is quiet and powerful, and I love the pop of red. I was very happy to get a factory reconditioned mixer at a fraction of the cost of a new one, and I still have a warranty. My only complaint is that the description says it includes bread hooks and it does not. I called customer service about it and they sent a replacement, but that one didn't have bread hooks either. It wasn't a deal-breaker for me, but Amazon should change the description to be more accurate. Overall, I am extremely happy with the mixer.
The KitchenAid 5-speed hand mixer is equipped with a powerful yet quiet motor, this lightweight five-speed hand mixer features turbo-powered beaters and an electronic mixing sensor to efficiently whip cream, mix cake batters, beat eggs, and more. The unit's well-balanced ergonomic design eases mixing fatigue, and its handle is angled to minimize wrist strain. Other highlights include an oversized beater-ejector button, a rounded power cord, protected air vents, and a stable heel rest. The 5-speed kitchenaid hand mixer includes high quality stainless steel turbo beaters with a Hassel Free 6 month replacement warranty.


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