Inconsistent Environ Behavior in Win2K

Inconsistent Environ Behavior in Win2K

Post by EGA Mik » Sun, 03 Aug 2003 22:04:22

I have a Access 2000 form that contains a drop down list
box. On the properties Data tab, the Row Source is...

SELECT linked_associates.ClockID,
linked_associates.LastName, linked_associates.FirstName
FROM linked_associates WHERE ((([linked_associates]!

When this is run on about 60 Win2K machines, but on about
5 others (new installs) I get the message "Undefined
function 'environ' in expression when the DB is opened.

This was written by an outside source who has no
explanation. Any ideas why is works on some Win2K
machines and not others? On XP it seems to be OK on the
few boxes we've tested.

Inconsistent Environ Behavior in Win2K

Post by Jeff Meek » Mon, 04 Aug 2003 15:49:38

I have seen this same behavior exhibited on XP as well. It is very
inconsistent and I have seen another post (from about a week ago) about the
same problem. You may also find other VBA functions such as CurDir do not
work in those same environments. E.g. place a text box on a form and set
it's controlsource to =CurDir. It will most likely display #Name?. On
another identically configured machine, it may work perfectly well.

Based my own testing of this and reports from other users, this is a bug
which needs to be reported to MS. I can't seem to find any links on their
web site for doing so (is that by design??) so if anyone has one, please


Jeff Meeko
Interface Computers