need help in creating form

need help in creating form

Post by bmlzaGtyaX » Thu, 29 Mar 2007 09:54:55

I am new to Access and is asked to creat form to be used to measure all of
our work processes.
I was wondering to make one Form or different Forms for different work.

1. Volume of work in to process ( Orders Recived, Project Created, Tickets
Opened) this is a count of the work items and measure the arrival of new work
into process.
2. Volume of work Completed(order Completed, Project Completed, Ticket
Closed) Count of work Successfully Completed
3. Volume of Cancelled Work (orders Cancelled.......... And so on.

Any help on this is appreciated

Nisha P

need help in creating form

Post by aG1hZHlzb2 » Thu, 29 Mar 2007 10:41:50

It sounds like you would be better off with a report rather than a form. A
form is best for entering data and a report is best for summarizing data.

Please let me know if this was helpful to you and if I can help you further.


need help in creating form

Post by bmlzaGtyaX » Thu, 29 Mar 2007 23:36:05

Hi Hmasyson ,

first of all i'll like to thank you for atleast replying my query,

Actually i need to create form as well as report i am looking at Service
Call Management Templet and trying to learn.

I need a form to input data i tried creating a form with combobox but when i
try to input data it shows me error and ask me to select from box where i
dont have any data.

I'll appreciate if you can gide me thru building a form and report

Nisha P

need help in creating form

Post by aG1hZHlzb2 » Sat, 31 Mar 2007 10:36:01

ok, first you need a query. The query that leads to the form should be
simple. Try not to use multiple tables. If you want to connect tables, you
should create the extra tables as subforms and link them into the main form.

For the report you will also need to create queries. I am not sure what your
skill level is on queries but the design view is pretty user friendly and
searching the internet for help on queries is possible. Once you have a query
that provides the data that you want to show on the report (note, it will not
contain totals, counts, etc, since that can be done in the report), you
should run the Report Wizard (this is one of the choices when you hit New
Report). The report wizard is very helpful and gives you options for sorting,
grouping, and totals.

I am sorry if this is too simplistic for you. You may want to go through
some tutorials on creating reports and forms, although I do not know of any
off hand. I would be much more help if you ask a specific question about one
of the pieces of your project.

need help in creating form

Post by bmlzaGtyaX » Wed, 04 Apr 2007 05:06:03

y problem is i need to print different reports but before printing reports i
need to normalise my data so i can print report. this is what my database is
i have not yet created relationship nor foreign key

Create database (this is for a telephone company)

i have 4 worksheets with almost same data in worksheets with 1 or 2
different fields in the last

1 current
2 completed
3 deleted
4 macd(make, change, add, and delete)

so i divided my data in different Tables

Customer Table

CustomerID(auto number)
Customer Name(text)
Customer City(text)
Customer St(txt)

Employee Tbl
EmpID(auto no)
Emp Fs Name(txt)
Emp Ls Name(txt)

ServEqui Tbl
service type
Equipment type

Customer Order Tbl
Customer Number(txt)
remote worker branch- txt/ yes no
Number virtual NOs. - number
site No. - number
Review board Approval - blank or yes no
Contract signed - date
Project Initation- Date

suborder- date
schedule testing- date
conduct v testing- date
checkout -date
acd -date
sch.test turn- date
plns switch- date
transport t- date
conduct company test turn- date
cported -date
maintenance acceptance - date (this date comes from current worksheet)
reason order days- text/ memo
order completed - date (this date comes from complete worksheet)
order cancel -date (this date comes from canceled(worksheet)
order disconnect- date (this date comes from disconncect worksheet)

any help on this is greatly appreciated.

Nisha P

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