Physical Inventory Form - re-request

Physical Inventory Form - re-request

Post by Lou » Sat, 17 Jan 2004 01:48:15

I am trying to build a form that will show each [type] of
coupon with a total amount of that type and the beginning
number and ending number.

Table name is "Master Table"
Fields are as follows;
[Log Number] - Auto number
[Type] - Type of coupon, text field
[Coupon number], number field
[Issued] - has it been issued, number field
[Issued date], date field

The query I have built "qryAudit" draws of the "Master
Table" from the following fields, [issued], [type] &
[coupon number]. Criteria in the [issued] field are set
for 0 identifying only coupons that have not been issued.

I have a report built that gives me inventory sheets with
this information currently, I want to be able to go take
an inventory with my report then open a form which looks
almost identical to the report where I can enter my
physical inventory count of each coupon. Then I want to
formulate a text box to take the system reported total for
that coupon and calculate the variance against the
physical inventory.

I hope this makes sense.


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Thomas Chan

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