Error Opening Up form Unit I close DB and re-open

Error Opening Up form Unit I close DB and re-open

Post by U3RldmVAaG » Sun, 26 Jun 2005 04:26:02

I have an access 2003 DB that has a form that opens as a series of events
that occur when someone clicks a "login" button.

My problem is that when people first turn their machines on, and click the
button, on of my forms will not open, but all the other events on the button
will perform.

If they close down the DB and open it a second time, it works with no
problem. No errors are displayed. The open form command just doesnt work.

Any ideas?

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I've searched the past posts, and haven't been able to find a solution to
this specific problem.

Here's what I have:

1 form with combo boxes that opens a "search results" form.
This "results" form is based on a query who's criteria is based on those
previous combo boxes.

What I need is this example:

A user runs the "search" form, searching for all records that occur on a
certain date. One field in the "results" form is "company". I need a user
then to be able to click on a specific company, and it returns that same
"results" form, with all of the records that contain that company, and
obviously, all dates are now included, and the previous search query is

I need the "results" form to reprocess it's query to display the new
results. However, that query's criteria is based on the combo boxes in the
"search" form.

What are my options?

Is there a way in VBA to reprocess the "search" form and automatically fill
in the combo box? However, the combo boxes are not bound.

Thanks in advance.

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