Found Workaround

Found Workaround

Post by A_Li_N » Thu, 14 Jan 2010 05:04:36

So I've been working on this to see if I could get it to work...I've found a workaround that works.

I've create a Module (RightClick) and a Function inside the module (FiltersMenu). The code of the Function is simply this:
CommandBars.ExecuteMso ("FiltersMenu")

This will run the default 'code' that opens the FiltersMenu MSO. I then create a row in my Right Click macro as follows:
Macro Name = Filter and Sort (this can be anything, of course)
Action = RunCode
Arguments = FiltersMenu()

My next question is:
Is this the only and/or correct way to be doing this? Or is there a more direct/correct way that keeps it all in the Macro?


I've gotten this menu to work as you've described (as well as other things), but is it possible to have an entry that toggles the default FiltersMenu on the selection?

The menu I'm talking about, just to be clear, is located in 'full' access by going to Home - Filters and Sorts - big Filter button, which will toggle the FiltersMenu on the currently selected field.

I know the menu exists in run-time, as I've create a menu bar with the button and it works exactly as it should. The only problem is that I cannot for the life of me figure out how to make a macro that does the same.

Any help on that matter would be greatly appreciated!

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