Unexpectedly prompted for parameters using parameters of form

Unexpectedly prompted for parameters using parameters of form

Post by RWRB » Fri, 02 May 2008 05:53:01

I am experiencing some strange behaviour in Access 2007. I have a form with
2 nested subforms (sub1 and sub2). In sub2 I use a master/child link to a
field from sub1. The data in sub2 updates properly when I change records
from sub1 or from the main form.

On sub2 I have a drop down control which uses a query for the row source.
This query uses a drop down control from sub1 as criteria to limit the

The problem - I worked on the forms last night and everything appeared to be
fine. Today I started the application and when it opened and attempted to
display the data in sub2's drop down box, I was prompted to enter the
paremeter for the drop down box on sub1 (which is the criteria for the
When I opened the form in design view and then re-opened it the form view
everything started working again. Strangely, I didn't make any changes but
when I switched to form view I was asked to save the form.

Now that I was asked to save the form, I am not having the problem. The
issue is that this has happened on several occassions and I am concerned that
when I deliver the database to the client this issue will start happening to
the users.

Any ideas why this is and possible solutions?

1. is it possible to get hidden parameter values using window.opener.document.form.parameter.value.

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Running more test under Forms/Reports Services 10g, I noticed that only one Parameter Form Field appears over the web (ie, on a Web Browser) client window.

The parameter form field / BoilerPlate called PF_SURVEYOR / P_SURVEYOR, is of type Number and length 10. It has tbe 'Restrict ...' check box checked + it gets its values from a select query :

select surveynumber, surveyor
from surveyor;

1) Why is only this Parameter Form Field Appearing through the Web ?

I tried increasing the Web Cache through the Application Server Control interface, but that did not change anything.


PS: Maybe I should look at the Web Settings (Contains HTML Tags / Additional Attributes (HTML)) under the Report Builder Property paletter ??

PS2: The same Parameter Form appears normally under Oracle 9i iDS under Windows XP Pro.

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