How do I "Paste Special"-"Paste Link"?

How do I "Paste Special"-"Paste Link"?

Post by Wendy » Thu, 29 Dec 2005 03:11:30

Very new To FrameMaker and am running into a problem.
I am trying to paste linked text into a FrameMaker document.
I am following the instructions in the Adobe FrameMaker User Guide and
the Adobe FrameMaker Online courses I am subscribed to.

I have two documents open, the one I am copying from, and the one I am
trying to paste to. They are both .fm files. Per the User Guide I copy
the text I want from the first document, then place my insertion point
in the second document. I select Edit/Paste Special, and am then
supposed to choose PASTE LINK, but the PASTE option is selected and
will not allow me to select PASTE LINK. What am I doing wrong?
Am I only able to copy/past entire documents and not just selected

How do I "Paste Special"-"Paste Link"?

Post by Richard » Wed, 29 Mar 2006 01:45:34


I believe you are talking about OLE here? It allows you to link
documents together, so that if text in the server OLE changes, the
changes propogate to the documents which are linked to it.

If so, this will be done on a file basis, such as a Word document or
an Excel spreadsheet, and not on individual paragraphs, lines of text
or spreadsheet cells. Effectively you are embedding a link to the
master file in your Framemaker document, so you only need to change
the data in one place .

On the other hand, you could be trying to simply copy text from one
doc to another?? Highlight the text: press CTRL+C to copy it. Move to
the other document, click where you wish to paste it and press CTL+V.


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