Convert PDF to PageMaker

Convert PDF to PageMaker

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You can use "pdf to word", it can help you to batch convert pdf to word
or text at one time, keeping source layout, and Standalone software, MS
Word, Adobe Acrobat and Reader NOT required! and you can get more
information from %20to%20Word-1-1.htm.

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ConvertZone provides office(PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, AutoCAD etc),
video(DVD, VCD, SVCD etc), audio(MP3, WAV, MIDI etc), image(JPG, GIF,
TIF, BMP etc) file converter.

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If you cannot copy and paste from the PDF document into Word then, if you don't have an Acrobat PDF editor, you may need a 3rd
party PDF to Word conversion or editing product, such as ://,

Note that based on how the PDF was created and what features/content were included you may not be happy with the conversion results
(i.e. it may not be a 100% ready to edit duplicate of the PDF file when it comes over to Word).

If you have a PDF file that was enabled for forms using a PDF editor then you may be able to fill out that form using the Adobe
Reader product ( )

When you seek information on a goal that is different from that of the original messages please consider starting a new discussion
rather than piggybacking on another one :)


I'm trying to transfer a PDF document to Word because in PDF you can not
enter information on the particular project I'm working on. Not really a mark
up for me. >>

Bob Buckland ?:-)
MS Office System Products MVP

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