Text from required text box to read-only text box

Text from required text box to read-only text box

Post by edsage » Wed, 25 May 2005 21:36:59


I am fairly new to JavaScript and its use in Acrobat Professional.

My situation is this:

I have a form with a text box field which is required for the user to
enter his/her name. I would like the required text box to display the
name in all caps. I also need the user's name to appear in a read-only
text box later in the form, which I would like to have the first letter
of the user's first, middle initial, and last names to be capitalized.
I would also like to have all required fields on the form highlighted
in yellow, but the highlighting not printed. Lastly, I would like the
printing to not occur if some or all of the required fields are not
completed and for the non-completed fields to be highlighted in red
until printing.

What I am mostly struggling with is getting the text from the required
text box to the read-only text box (with or without modification of
capitalization). This seems like it should be simple.

Anyway, any help in pointing me in the right direction or submission of
code which could accomplish my above desires would be greatly

Thank you,


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Question for Marsh if possible.
I have a text box named P1Bill1Name and...
Another text box named P1Bill1Paid.
If P1Bill1Name has text in it I want P1Bill1Paid
to be visible. I can do it easily with a line of code.
.P1Bill1Name.SetFocus: If .P1Bill1Name.Text = "" Then .P1Bill1Paid.Visible =
The problem is I have 50 Paid textboxes. I want to use a function
with a variable for the Paid text box....

Public Function MakeVisible()
Dim ctlCurrentControl As Control
Dim ctlPaid As Control
Set ctlCurrentControl = Screen.ActiveControl
Set ctlPaid = TextBox
Select Case ctlCurrentControl.Text
Case Is <> ""
'ctlCurrentControl.Name = P1Bill1Name
ctlPaid = Left(ctlCurrentControl.Name, 7) + "Paid"
'ctlPaid.Name = P1Bill1Paid
Me(ctlPaid).Visible = True
Case Is = ""
Me(ctlPaid).Visible = False
End Select
End Function

The Screen.ActiveControl works great but the
ctlPaid doesn't seem to work. I get the error "Object Required."
What am I doing wrong?
Please Help!


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