PageMaker > .ps > PDF: wrong font

PageMaker > .ps > PDF: wrong font

Post by BKom PR+Ko » Fri, 16 Apr 2004 00:33:35

Hello all

I work with 2 pcs with identical software: win98, Adobe PageMaker 6.5,
Acrobat 5.0. With pc2 the font "Courier10 BT, Roman" turns out corrupt
if I produce a screen-level pdf, but correct if eBook, print or press is
selected. Out of PageMaker I first export the file into a .ps-file with
the check-box "embedding fonts" on (the direct export doesn't work
properly). In a second step I use Acrobat Distiller to make the pdf.
When I do the same job on PC1, the courier-font works out well in all
pdf-versions (screen included).
I think that I have a PageMaker problem here, because the .ps-file from
pc1 is transformed, on pc2, into a correct screen-level pdf.
Can anybody help me and see where the problem could lie? Thanks a lot!

Werner Beerle

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