Omnipage 14 ands its PDFs

Omnipage 14 ands its PDFs

Post by Owen Watso » Wed, 30 Jun 2004 13:40:25

I'm posting this to warn others who are using Omnipage to produce PDFs
in the image-over-text format, and prompt them, if they are affected, to
moan to Scansoft, who acknowledge the problem but say I'm the first to
report it.

What Omnipage does is occasionally put a space in words near the end of
a line. I haven't tested whether it is because line lengths are short or
what. It's not intrinsic in the Omnipage main engine because looking at
the text in Omnipage's own text editor shows it not having these spaces;
it's the conversion process that puts them in. I've got a good idea why
it does this, but it's certainly annoying.

Don't tell me to use Acrobat's built-in Capture; it's a lot slower and
apart from the error above, worse at OCR.

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