bibtex: non-standard years like 1814--1815 (natbib)

bibtex: non-standard years like 1814--1815 (natbib)

Post by Michael Fr » Tue, 08 Nov 2005 04:49:12

I'm writing documents that cite works with non-standard years, like
1814--1815 (a work publised in pieces over a period of time),
or with an original date and a republished date, like [1682] 1954,
and other oddities.

When I used, with natbib, \cite{Foo:1814}

author = {Foo, Bar},
year = {1814--1815},

I get 'Foo(4 15)' in the text, but Foo(1814--1815) in the references.
I also tried
year = {{1814--1815}},

with the same result. Is there any way to correct this, or a convention
for such non-standard dates?

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In my VC application I am trying to load an image bitmap by using "Load
Bitmap" API. But it's returning an error message
saying "ERROR_RESOURCE_NAME_NOT_FOUND - 1814 - The specified resource name
cannot be found in the image file".

But I am having the image id in my resources file. I don know from where
this issue is raising.

Pleas give a hint to solve this issue. (i have attached a piece of code from
my .rc and .C files)


HHvrOk BITMAP DISCARDABLE "HOk.bmp" (Image I am trying to load)
NorFinish BITMAP DISCARDABLE "NFinish.bmp"
HvrFinish BITMAP DISCARDABLE "HFinish.bmp"


hbImage=LoadBitmap(hinst,"HvrOk"); //returning himage as 0x00000
int i = GetLastError(); //i = 1814.

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