natbib, list of citations, but split out into an author list

natbib, list of citations, but split out into an author list

Post by Lars Madse » Tue, 11 Apr 2006 18:33:12

Using natbib, one can get an overview of where a given publication has
been cited, using \citeindextrue.

Now, I have a user who would like to take this a bit further.

Apparently, in his field of research some authors makes lists in the
back of their book (etc.) where you don't see where a specific
publication is cited, but rather where a given author is cited.

Is there any way of doing this automatically?

Here is a small sketch of what I mean.

Assume, publication A is written by X,Y, and Z, and publication B by X,Z
and W. Also assume that A is cited on pages 2,4, 16, 23 and 33, and B on
pages 12, 15, 28, and 44.

Then natbibs citeindex will show

A 2,4,16,23,33
B 12,15,28,44

we would like a list like:

X 2,4,12,15,16,23,28,33,44
Y 2,4,16,23,33
Z 2,4,12,15,16,23,28,33,44
W 12,15,28,44

Is there any way of automating this?

I should be doable enough to program my way around a one of solution.
But there may of course be others who could benefit from this.

As far as I can see one could do the following:

(1) do a citeauthorindex, but reprogram \NAT@idxtxt to write the
citationkey insted of a reference to the publication. (how do one do this?)

(2) somehow create a list that for each entry in cited publications,
saved the citationkey and the formated name of the author (for each
author). Something like

key1, formated name of author 1
key1, formated name of author 2

(3) now merge these together, assuming that if two formated names are
the same, then it is also the same person.

Any other ideas?