Biblatex: Original year in citations (<author> <origyear>/<year>)

Biblatex: Original year in citations (<author> <origyear>/<year>)

Post by Denis Maie » Fri, 01 Feb 2008 00:11:19

Hey Timo,
yes this is possible but you'll have to edit to style files, to be
more specific the bibmacro that is supposed to process the year.


Biblatex: Original year in citations (<author> <origyear>/<year>)

Post by Simon Spie » Fri, 01 Feb 2008 00:17:00

On 2008-01-30 16:11:19 +0100, Denis Maier < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > said:

Just to add to this: Take the style, you're using, copy it, change the
copy and then tell biblatex to load the copy. Look for the macro which
generates the year in the citation and then you can add something like


As you can see, this is quite simple: First, there's a test, whether
origyear actually exists, and if it existis a slash and origyear are



Biblatex: Original year in citations (<author> <origyear>/<year>)

Post by vvvv » Fri, 01 Feb 2008 00:31:24

If you are trying to use APA format, then you might want to use the
apacite.sty package and the apa.cls documentclass. You then have to
decide if it is an exact reprint or a republication under a different

There are then a few options. If the publication is reprinted under
the same title and the same printer, you list originalyear in your
bibtex file and then apacite will add "(Original work published
1874)" at the end of the reference entry per APA Publication Manual,
5th Edition, p. 254.

If the work originally appeared under a different title, a different
journal, or maybe even a different publisher, then you would list the
new publication info first (from the 1973 work) then list all of the
original info in fields like originaltitle, originalpages,
originaljournal... and then \bibliographystyle{apacite} format the
reference entry like this: "Reprinted from The Book of XYZ..." with
the full publication info like the city, publisher, and year.

I ran the same bibtex entries through minimal documents to test the
format. I tried natbib using the apalike and newapa
\bibliographystyles, but neither produced the info about the earlier
publication. The same bibtext entries processed with apa.cls and the
apacite \bibliographystyle produced the correct output. YOU COULD TRY
switcthing to just the \usepackage{apacite} and keep your existing
document class.

Biblatex: Original year in citations (<author> <origyear>/<year>)

Post by Denis Maie » Fri, 01 Feb 2008 02:18:31

Like Simon already wrote, you have to put in something like this in
the bibmacro used by your style: \iffieldundef{origyear}{}

If you use the standard-authoryearstyle put this code in your preamble
or your .cls file to redefine the standard macro. It should work the
way you asked for.



Biblatex: Original year in citations (<author> <origyear>/<year>)

Post by Denis Maie » Fri, 01 Feb 2008 02:29:44

Oh,spotted an error in the code, change \newbibmacro to \renewbibmacro

Biblatex: Original year in citations (<author> <origyear>/<year>)

Post by timo.tiura » Tue, 05 Feb 2008 05:28:01

Thank you all for your help!

I got the problem solved by making a copy of the
"authoryear.bbx" (bibliography style) and "authoryear.cbx" (citation
style) files as "authororigyear.bbx" and "authororigyear.cbx", and
then made the the "\iffieldundef{origyear}..." modification to the
both files. I also needed to make a "finnish.lbx" file to get the
default fields localized.

In the end it was quite easy to the required minor tweaks in my new
style, I just needed override the functions from "standard.bbx" that I
did not like in my "authororigyear.*bx" files.