TOC page numbers not on the far right

TOC page numbers not on the far right

Post by marco.pall » Thu, 19 Feb 2009 20:00:17

I fear no. I found in the ng a suggestion to go to the addendum to
a way to do such a toc:
1 Chapter 20
1.1 Section1, 20 - 1.2 Section2, 22 - 1.3
Section3, 25

but the addendum is no more available on ctan.

I'm giving a look at your work.

Thank you Lars,


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Hello -

I have a Word 2002 document that has multiple sections. I was having
an issue with the spelling and grammar checker constantly running. To
fix it, I rebuilt the document section by section without the
offending closing paragraph mark of the section.

Now, however, the TOC is not right. Previously, all the page numbers
right-aligned. Now the page numbers for the style TOC 2 are indented
from the right margin about .5 inches. TOC 1 and TOC 3 are
right-aligning appropriately.

Any thoughts on how to resolve this?


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