paste special pastes into hidden cells while paste does not in 200

paste special pastes into hidden cells while paste does not in 200

Post by YW5jaGFyd2 » Tue, 17 Oct 2006 06:27:01

Please try the following: 1. Copy one cell then 2. (having a filter on)
select over hidden cells and 3. paste. This will only fill the filtered cells
while paste special will also fill the hidden cells. Oddly enough this
inconsistency does not happen when the cells are hidden manually. This
unexplained inconsistency is counter intuitive and can have quite a
devastating result on a spreadsheet.
Personally I would prefer if I would not have to think of hidden cells when
copying, cutting or pasting. Take for example the great subtotals function:
copying the evel 2results will paste the hidden cells and not the wanted
subtotals. The subtotals have to be copied individually and that can get
quite tedious if the result are more than a few lines wide and high.
These problems happen in Excel versions 2000 and 2003.

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2. why does cut and paste pastes sometimes paste the print screen

I'll explain the problem. When i am in Microsoft Word and lets say, i want to
cut and paste from one place to another, it quite often pastes as if i had
pressed the print screen. So, instread of the text i wanted to see, i see a
picture of the screen. There does seem to be a pattern. If i copy/cut the
text and then move to the place i want to paste it, if i then move the cursor
down, say two lines to fit the copied text in, that is when it happens. If i
prepair it before hand it does not happen.

This started on my old Acer computer. I've replaced it at the weekend with a
new sony laptop. I was devistated to discover that as i have brought my old
files over, i have also brought the old problem with it.

things i have checked.
The print screen button is not stuck on.
I have NAV professional which is kept upto date
I have Microsoft and ad-aware antispyware

on the old computer, the cut and paste problem would occure in applications
such as IE, for instance, cutting a web address and pasting. I do not think
that is happening with my new computer.

any suggests folks?

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