Excel stops responding after attaching worksheet to email

Excel stops responding after attaching worksheet to email

Post by c2pz » Thu, 09 Oct 2008 23:46:07

When I select send to as attachment and send a worksheet Excel stops
responding and I have to terminate it in task manager. When I check my
outlook sent items the email was sent and the attachment is there. I have
Excell 2003 SP3. This used to be sporatic and is getting more common.

1. How can you attach an e-mail into an excel worksheet?

2. Attaching a JET database to an Excel Worksheet OR storing large binary data in a worksheet

I am writing a VB DLL / xla that needs to be able to programmatically attach
a JET database to a worksheet, and then re-open it later on. This needs to
happen without user intervention. So far I have considered the following:

1) Using the Insert Object approach to store the database in an OLE
(a) How do you do it programmatically?
(b) It seems to be application specific, so would only work if the user
had Access.
Is there a generic object packager that I have missed, and that can be
called through VB code, and that is guaranteed to be on all machines?

2) Reading the JET database into a byte array, converting to a string, and
saving in the workbook...
The read and convert seemed to work OK but all attempts to save to a
workbook failed, even if I just try to save the first 100 characters. I
guess that the string contains *** characters that excel won't allow to be
saved to a cell? Is there anwhere else I can save it in a workbook?

A related question is whether it is possible to re-open the JET database
without first saving to a file i.e. open it in-memory only. I know this
isn't an Excel question but someone might know the answer.

Thanks in advance,

Ant Waters

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