XMLparser: Difference between parser.setErrorHandler() vs. parser.setContentHandler()

XMLparser: Difference between parser.setErrorHandler() vs. parser.setContentHandler()

Post by bernd22 » Thu, 10 Jun 2004 10:26:10

What is the difference between




for a XMLParser ?

Can I apply both functions to DOM AND to SAXParsers or only to one of them ?

Can I apply both function to an JAXP based implementation or to an NON-Jaxp based implementation as well?


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2. Parser OBjects - Open source parser framework

Parser OBjectS (or POBS) is a Java framework for creating parsers.

It consist of a number of "atomic" objects which can be easily linked
together to create parsers of all shapes and sizes.

Anybody who can read BNF can program with POBS, it is specifically designed
to be easy to use and at a low cost (no steep learning curve, no
preprocessor steps, high performance, low memory profile, etc). POBS is easy
to extend with any feature and can be fully integrated with normal Java

Currently still in alpa, the code is stable enough (it's quite small so very
easy to debug) to build projects with. We are also looking for developers to
help, please visit our site at http://www.yqcomputer.com/ , download the
latest version from CVS (new file releases coming soon!) and join us!

Martijn van der lee

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