PASTE SPECIAL - Paste Values vs Paste Unicode

PASTE SPECIAL - Paste Values vs Paste Unicode

Post by xterr » Wed, 30 Jun 2004 23:34:10

There are times when PASTE SPECIAL opens up a window to allow pasting o

At times, going to the same EDIT/PASTE SPECIAL menu, opens up anothe
window asking only to paste UNICODE or TEXT, not showing the options o

See the pictures of the two distinct paste special windows.

Why am I getting this variation, and how can I always get th
values/formulae/format window?


[image: ]

PASTE SPECIAL - Paste Values vs Paste Unicode

Post by Dave Peter » Thu, 01 Jul 2004 09:53:05

I didn't open your links.

But you usually get that "unicode/text" dialog when you're pasting between two
different instances of excel--not just two files open in the same instance.

If you don't like this, sometimes one of these works to stop the second instance
from opening:

Tools|Options|General|Ignore other applications (uncheck it)

--- or ---

Close Excel and
Windows Start Button|Run
excel /unregserver
Windows Start Button|Run
excel /regserver

The /unregserver & /regserver stuff resets the windows registry to excel's
factory defaults.


Dave Peterson