Sandwich existing formulas with "If iserror(formula),0,formula)"

Sandwich existing formulas with "If iserror(formula),0,formula)"

Post by Pete_U » Fri, 25 Dec 2009 01:48:21

If you are getting a #DIV/0! error from your VLOOKUP, then the error
is in the workbook where you are getting the data from, rather than in
the VLOOKUP formula itself. Consequently, you should look at the
"sending" workbooks and eradicate any errors that are in there.

Hope this helps.


On Dec 23, 4:36m, ORLANDO VAZQUEZ

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Hi all

Do you think is there any macro that can change the formula in selected
range to include the IF-iserror so no error appears on the screen?

For example:
In cell A1 the formula is: =A2+B2
But if I select A1 and run the macro, It would change to:

I need that beacause I have a sheet with lots of formulas with different
errors and It would be quite painful to chang every formula.

Thanks you for your help!!!!

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