Pivot Table Drill Down

Pivot Table Drill Down

Post by rhefe » Fri, 12 Dec 2003 00:27:15

Is there a way for the drill down data to retain its Hyperlink. When I
drill down on the Pivot Table I would like the original Hyperlink
status from the source data to be retained.

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Pivot Table Drill Down

Post by Brian » Fri, 12 Dec 2003 21:04:19

Don't understand your problem here. Excel automatically retains the lin
to external data so you can use menu 'Refresh' to update the table a
any time - assuming the source is in the same place as before..

If you want to move a source file elsewhere, open the one with th
pivot table first and use File/Copy, when the link will automaticall
change (if you also save the file containing the PT <<grin>>).

You can use Edit/Update links.

There is an option to "Save data with table layout"


Pivot Table Drill Down

Post by rhefe » Sat, 13 Dec 2003 07:51:56

What I would like to happen is when you drill down on the pivot table i
for the detail items which are diaplayed on the just created sheet t
retain the hyperlink ability. What happens now is the detail ite
displays the Hyperlink description but is not active

Pivot Table Drill Down

Post by QmVjY3 » Fri, 02 Mar 2007 18:51:03


One of my favourite parts of pivot tables is the fact that you can double
click on a value and it will drill down on it for you and open a new sheet
with the lines of the original data which make up that value.

However, the lines in the new sheet are text values (whereas the original
data is links to other spreadsheets). Is there any way to get it to show you
the links instead of just text?

It might just be a limitation of pivot tables.

Hope this makes sense!!

Pivot Table Drill Down

Post by Dave Peter » Fri, 02 Mar 2007 23:20:46

I think you're stuck.

But could you apply data|Filter|autofilter to the original table--then filter
based on the same rules that determined the value that you doubleclicked on in
the pivottable.


Dave Peterson

Pivot Table Drill Down

Post by SW4gYSBxdW » Tue, 13 Nov 2007 23:56:00

I am using Excel 2003 and my team frequently uses the "drill-down" function
in a pivot table but the sort / formatting is not retained when the tab with
the drill-down data is opened. For example, if a row header is "State", and
in the data section, AL has 100 offices; I can dbl click on the number 100
and a new tab will open with the detail for each of those 100 offices.
However, the output is very messy - 6 decimal points, no sorting, etc. Do you
know how i can fix it?

Pivot Table Drill Down

Post by RWFybHlCaX » Fri, 29 Feb 2008 03:07:06

When I doulble click on a cell in a pivot table, what determines the column
widths in the new tab that displays the detail and is it possible to change
how the cell widths are determined? I have text data that is being wrapped
in a very narrow cell resulting in a very large row height.