Better Graph Add-ins/Plug-ins

Better Graph Add-ins/Plug-ins

Post by LP » Mon, 25 Aug 2008 01:26:30

As many of you know, the graph feature in Excel isn't anything to
write home about. I have a need to put together some professional
looking graphs and I just can't seem to get that from Excel. Anyone
out there knows of any 3rd party plug-ins/add-ins that will be able to
generate professional/commerical graphs? Are there any animated graph
applications as well?


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I stepped away from Visio for a while so lost track of things. But
I'm happily back. I have some ideas for mashing up Visio with other
modeling and UI tools. But first, I'd like to update my understanding
of the Visio add-in universe to see if I can make my development life
easier. I have Paul's SuperUtilities and the Wise 3-D tool. But
other than those:

Is there a Visio add-in glossary page somebody can point me to?

Can you recommend specific add-ins that provide value to you?
(including programming tools)

Thanks Much,


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