excel SUM function - can it be limited to whats in parentheses?

excel SUM function - can it be limited to whats in parentheses?

Post by Dave Peter » Sun, 07 Jan 2007 03:31:04

I agree with what Dave F. wrote--life will be lots easier for lots of things if
you put your data in separate fields.

But this worked ok for me:

Adjust the range to match your data


Dave Peterson

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I have a specific application that uses INFOPATH very successfully.. The app is that field inspectors go out make observations and create .xml docs based on those observations.. my problem is that all inspectors have their own way of doing things or describing things. so I can create a canned list of selections from a drop down box, however, they never quite encompass what every inspector wants to say.. we have provided a free text box but the complaint we have recieved during our initial implementation is that the individual inspectors typically make the same comments and want to create their own list of things to say..

My question is:

how can I give each inspector the ability to create a list of pre canned comments that they can use to insert into a particular field.. is there an easy way to do this without the users having to learn how to program the fields..???



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