Concatenating date field into text ands using in a formula

Concatenating date field into text ands using in a formula

Post by jason.preb » Fri, 12 Sep 2003 14:27:47

Hi all,

Hope you can help.

I have a date field (B1) and am trying to concatenate this into a
directory path as part of a formula to pull data from another
IE My worksheets are named open"date of report".xls
B1 contains "date of report"
I have tried concatenating the worksheet name in a field and then
using that field.
I have tried cocatenating the directory path in a field and using that
My last attempt at a formula is


Date is 110903, worksheet name is open110903.xls.

If I manually type it in as below the formaula works dream.


Any assistance or direction pointing would be greatly appreciated.
I hope I have provided enough info.

Cheers Jason

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