VLookup to merge Access Query data into Excel Report

VLookup to merge Access Query data into Excel Report

Post by VmlyYS1TSk » Thu, 12 Jan 2006 04:18:02


You mentioned to Bum that you had some code to merge Access Query Data into
specific cells in Excel. Can you send me that code as well.

I would greatly appreciate it.


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(I posted this yesterday but am tryign to make it clearer)
I have an excel list with "name" and "title" and there are many erros
and mis-spellings. I havbe an acess quesry that has the correct names
and titles and also some mis-spellings and foreign language spellings
pointing to the correct english name and title.

I would like to write a macro in excel to do a lookup of the excel
value in the access quesry and find EITHER an exact match or close
match and return the value of a specified field back into an excel

Here is a hypothetic example:
Access list:
PK=Van Gogh, Vincent
Van Go

PK= Starry night, c1889
starrie night
starry nite
french for starry night

Excel list
starry nite

I want to do a look up in access. from excel. of both the name and the
name combined with the title and return the correct value back into
excel in a blank column:
vangogh, starry nite

Van Gogh, Vincent
Starry Night, 1889

I can do a look up that wil return a close match but do not knwo how
to do a look up of combined fields liek name and title to search
access name and title and return a single value. PLus try to write a
macro to do it.

I am stumped.

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